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Energia Associates

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About Our Company

Energia Associates is a financial services firm with a special emphasis on the oil, gas and power sectors of the West African sub-region.

We are a sector focused advisory and arranging firm bringing together our clients and relationships, built over several years, to enable our firm provide bespoke services for added value and wealth creation. We are strategic in our relationships providing total commitment to ensuring mandated objectives are met promptly. Our firm possesses the experience to ensure such objectives are efficiently met. We are joint venture partners within the energy space providing services to meet energy demands. Through the application of our financial advisory solutions, our robust knowledge guarantees the overwhelming satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

To be the leading one stop advisory and funding company for oil, gas and power projects across Africa.

Is to consistently deliver value to all our stakeholders, while giving our clients, innovative ways of funding projects and a positive professional experience.

Relationship | Integrity | Professionalism | Excellence.

Relationship: in a global economy, we recognize the importance of connections and invariably strive to maintain our relationships across our diverse business landscape.

Professionalism: We transact business across the globe and understand total professionalism is required to sustain our brand across borders.

Integrity: Our promise is our bond.We believe trust is crucial to our success. Thereby, we are committed to protect our integrity. We display transparency in all our transactions.

Excellence: We consistently work on improving all we do. We are committed to delivering the very best financial solutions and funding options.